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Two trauma specialists from the US explain trauma

SEED is proud to present part 1 of six interviews with two trauma specialists from the United States: Holly Aldrich (Director of the Center for Homicide Bereavement) and Barbara Hamm (Director of Victim Services at [...]

Shifting from a traditional way of teaching to an interactive one

When learning is interactive, it gives the learners the opportunity to think about the information in a new way and practically apply it to their lives. At universities throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, we [...]

Education in Clinical Psychology in Kurdistan

Interview with Dr. Azad Ali, ­ Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Koya University. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has known a long history of violence and persecution, with decades of war, oppression, [...]

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Rebuilding my life in Kurdistan

Leena* is a twenty-year old woman from the south of Iraq. Sadly, she lost her mother at a young age and her father died in a bombing when she was a child. Having lost both parents [...]

Learning to live again

Avin* is a young Yezidi woman who was captured by ISIS alongside her sisters in August 2014. On the same day, ISIS murdered her father. Avin says, “I can still hear my father’s voice and the [...]

Learning to speak their mother tongue again

Dlovan* and Zerdesht* are two young brothers. In 2014, ISIS killed their father and they were captured along with their mother, Zaynab*. The brothers were tortured, abused, exposed to violence against others and held by ISIS [...]

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ISIS has planted a ticking bomb that is hard to defuse: traumatized children

November 8th, 2017|0 Comments

The Christian Science Monitor / September 21, 2017 Iraq hasn't enough mental health professionals to handle the legions of traumatized children who, because of ISIS, saw and did things they never should have. But if [...]