SEED offers a wide range fun and enjoyable recreational activities for girls, boys, women and men, including music, art, baking, knitting, board games, and sports, all of which provide an escape from the challenges of daily life. These activities have the potential to transform the lives of participants by offering the chance to have fun, build new friendships and support networks, increase confidence, and re-establish the sense of normalcy and routine which was disrupted by conflict and displacement. Recreational activities help the healing process and provide a much-needed reprieve from the isolation many face.  Offering such recreational activities makes the SEED Center accessible to everyone and gives SEED’s social workers and psychologists the opportunity to identify, engage with, and offer additional assistance to the most vulnerable and in-need camp residents. SEED serves hundreds of participants every day, six days per week.

  • Children participate in facilitated play that includes circle time, story telling, playful songs and games, arts and crafts, and other activities that engage them in healthy, safe and fun activities that further their development, while their parents receive care in our Center.