Building women’s economic strengthening can reduce the risk of GBV associated with economic deprivation such as unsafe forms of work.  Women desperately need access to livelihoods to provide for their family, and build their safety and resilience.  It needs to be culturally acceptable activity that empowers women, and doesn’t unintentionally increase other vulnerabilities that may arise from a new income.

Our agriculture program for women is designed to teach or improve upon farming skills to help meet basic immediate needs and support safe employment elsewhere. The women who work in our Center’s garden will bring home healthy fruit and vegetables to feed their family, or which they can choose to sell. We chose farming because it is culturally acceptable work, engages the women in positive, productive activity, and there are opportunities for employment in the surrounding farmland.  Farming also gives them a therapeutic activity, social time with other women, and gives us an opportunity to engage them on nutrition through fun cooking classes.