Our Goals

  • Achieve a deeper understanding and increased awareness of issues faced by the KRG, donors, and practitioners
  • Provide concrete, feasible policy recommendations to the KRG and other stakeholders
  • Identify or develop a body of effective practice, approaches, and interventions for service providers to incorporate in their work
  • Strengthen collaboration and support networks among groups focused on these issues, supported by international expertise
  • Improve public awareness of relevant issues

Our Work

Areas of work

Reintegration of Survivors of Conflict
5.8 million Iraqis are internally displaced, including over 1.5 million who have sought safety in the Kurdistan Region, many of whom are survivors of ISIS..

Children Affected by Violence
After the ISIS war, hundreds of children have been forcibly separated from their. Some children still remain with their captors, or live with extended family as..

Combatting Human Trafficking
uman Trafficking is a growing challenge in Iraq, which is both a source and destination country. The war with ISIS has caused an increase in trafficking rates..

Promoting a Sustainable Model for MHPSS Service Provision
There is a critical lack of qualified mental health professionals in the Kurdistan Regionto respond to the needs of survivors of conflict..

Gender-Based Violence
Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is endemic across Iraq, affecting women, girls, boys and men from all society. While the legal situation for women and girls in Kurdistan is..