Some 5.8 million Iraqis remain displaced with 1.55 million seeking safety in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq — many of whom survived ISIS. SEED is examining how we can strengthen efforts to reintegrate survivors of ISIS into society and to support their recovery. One of the most at-risk groups of survivors is women who suffered sexual violence during the conflict and as result bore children.


  • Identify the key challenges such as custody and care of children born of rape
  • Identify survivors’ needs and vulnerabilities
  • Identify gaps in the services available to survivors in terms of access, quality, and barriers to access the services
  • Study laws, policies, processes, and protections which currently exist, and identify where improvements are needed


  • SEED will publish two comprehensive research papers which include analysis of the issues and recommended solutions (include links once published)
  • SEED will offer training and resources to government institutions and NGOs to better serve those in-need
  • Raise awareness for the needs and status of these victims through advocacy and public awareness campaigns (link to CBOW videos)
  • SEED worked with Yezidi activists to draft the Yezidi Survivor Bill, which is currently pending in the Iraqi Parliament. The bill aims to provide for the establishment of a dedicated Iraqi directorate and judge to address administrative issues, human rights, compensation, and legal claims of Yezidi survivors of genocide.

Children Born of War

Following the grave violence suffered by survivors of ISIS, the traumatic experience has been compounded by the societal, community, and family response to their children born of war. The total consequences of not addressing the cause of the children born of war will be long-lasting and destabilizing for all of Iraq. SEED works to support survivors with services, advocates for a range of interventions to protect their rights and to improve their — and their children’s well-being — and aims to address societal attitudes towards survivors of sexual violence in Iraq and especially these survivors.


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