Sustainable Model for MHPSS Service Provision

Cycles of conflict and instability left Kurdistan with chronic mental health needs. SEED is working to tackle the issue of transitioning mental health services in Kurdistan, Iraq from crisis response to a long-term, sustainable service provision.

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has a critical shortage of mental mealth care professionals to meet the needs of the large number of survivors of conflict, displacement, torture, sexual violence, and other traumatic experiences as a result of decades of conflict and genocide.

SEED is taking a three-pronged approach:

Strengthening standards and approaches for quality MHPSS Services

MHPSS standard of Care Model

SEED worked with stakeholders across Kurdistan to develop a Standard of Care Model to promote a higher quality of services for the most vulnerable and violence-affected people in the world. Read More

Leading technical advances through the Duhok MHPSS working group

SEED is partnering with the Kurdistan Government’s Duhok Department of Health and other key stakeholders to develop a sustainable mental health strategy for the Duhok Governorate to:

  • Ensure access to quality, comprehensive, MHPSS services
  • Promote equitable access to services
  • Build a skilled and qualified workforce with the capacity to address the MHPSS needs during crisis and beyond
  • Ensure appropriate oversight and accountability of MHPSS services
  • Facilitate systems to track and understand needs, prioritizing services and resources

  • Advocate for Sustainable, Long-term, MHPSS Structures

Raising awareness on how to identify mental health symptoms in patients

SEED created two videos and a guide for frontline healthcare workers on how to identify mental health symptoms in patients, how to support them, and how to refer cases to relevant services. Read More

How to Recognize Mental Health Symptoms in Your Patients

How to Support a Patient with Mental Health Symptoms

Download Awareness Poster

Building capacity through training and education

Building the capacity of service providers (Government and NGO) through professional development, organizational development, and the adoption of and adherence to, common professional standards through training SEED’s Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) at Koya University

Read More

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