SEED Co-Founder Highlights NGO’s Work Toward Gender Equality on IWD

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SEED Co-Founder Highlights NGO’s Work Toward Gender Equality on IWD SEED Foundation Co-Founder and Vice President Tanya Gilly Khailany highlighted the important role non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can and do play to advance gender equality and counter gender-based violence in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, where decades of upheaval and violence have created ongoing [...]

Sexual Harassment: It’s No Joke

2020-02-23T06:53:24+00:00February 23rd, 2020|News|

Sexual harassment of women and girls in Kurdistan is widespread - on the street, online, in taxis, in schools, and in the workplace. It makes us fearful and keeps us from fully participating in school, work, community, and public life. This harms all of us. Through our #STOPabuse campaign, SEED is working to raise [...]

Think Before You Act

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In Iraq, many young women are subjected to harassment, exploitation, and abuse due to manipulation of their photos. It may seem innocent, but it's not a joke and can have dire consequences for the victim. And sharing this edited photo on social media is not only wrong, but in Kurdistan it's also illegal. SEED [...]

Living With Genocide: Four Years After ISIS Attacked

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 Living With Genocide: Four Years After ISIS Attacked Source: Hudson Institute / Author: C-Span In the summer of 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) militants attacked the city of Mosul and then continued an assault across the Nineveh Plains. They devastated the historic homelands of the Christian and and Yezidis, displacing more than [...]

SEED’s President speaks at TEDx

2018-02-27T08:30:35+00:00July 3rd, 2017|In the Media, News|

SEED’s President, Sherri Kraham Talabany, was part of Kurdistan’s first TEDx Nishtiman event on the first of April, in Saad Abdulla Hall in Erbil, Kurdistan. The theme for TEDx Nishtiman was rehabilitation and development. Sherri spoke about how we can best support the recovery of survivors of conflict and violence in Kurdistan through comprehensive, long-term, [...]

SEED Helping Survivors to Recover

2016-11-29T09:36:48+00:00July 28th, 2016|News|

The SEED Foundation delivers comprehensive psychosocial services to those displaced by ISIS in Kurdistan, particularly survivors of violence. At the SEED Center we deliver high quality mental health services, recreational activities, livelihood training, and life skills education to support men, women, and children, to start to heal and recover and rebuild their lives. Come check [...]

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