Getting through COVID-19 Together


The COVID-19/Coronavirus global pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of those already at risk. Those already facing socio-economic challenges, the displaced, and those that suffer from abuse are even more desperate for support and services. 

SEED is serving those in need, adapting our work, to keep our staff and our clients safe.

Promoting Health and Safety

Protecting Mental Health

Five stress relieving exercises to try at home.

Three Minute Meditation

Abdominal Breathing

Balanced Breathing

Four Elements

Safe Space

Still feeling stressed?

Let our team help you spot and manage stressors in adults and children


Stress Management for Adults

Support for Parents & Families

Reducing Violence

Those that face violence at home are experiencing higher levels of abuse now under COVID-19 conditions, and have lower access to services or a safe space.

  • SEED continues to support survivors, even under COVID 19 restrictions, through remote service delivery, to protect and empower them.

  • If you’ve been affected by domestic violence or other forms of gender-based violence you can get support by calling SEED at or call the Department of Combating Violence against Women and Families (DCVAW) for free and in confidence on 119

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