Policy and Advocacy

SEED works with the most vulnerable people in the world. Our goal is to increase protections and services for survivors of violence in Kurdistan.

  • Hard hitting research and analysis
  • Practical tools and recommendations
  • Strengthening government protections and policies
  • Advocacy, awareness, and social change

Reintegration of the Survivors of ISIS

  • Supporting the Reintegration and Recovery of female survivors of ISIS

  • Advocacy for Children Born of the ISIS War

  • Reducing stigma for survivors

  • Analysis on the Reintegration and Recovery of Child Soldiers in Kurdistan

  • Promoting implementation of the Yezidi Survivors’ Law

Yezidi Survivors’ Law: Recommendations for Implementing Regulations

The Yezidi Survivors’ Law was a milestone achievement in recognizing the rights and needs of survivors of ISIS atrocities, but the success of this groundbreaking legislation depends on clear and comprehensive regulations. SEED Foundation’s recommendations are designed to secure an implementation process that centers survivors and supports their recovery.


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Combating Human Trafficking

  • Advocacy for a new anti-trafficking in persons law and implementation

  • Analysis and research on trafficking in Kurdistan

  • Strengthening government protections and justice reforms

  • Advocacy for survivors of trafficking and those at risk

Gender-Based Violence

  • Working for gender equality and reducing violence against women and girls

  • Preventing sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse

  • Combating domestic violence

  • Strengthening protections and services for vulnerable groups and survivors of GBV

Transitioning to a Sustainable Model of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services

  • Advocating for equitable and sustainable quality mental health care
  • Promoting MHPSS Standards of Care Model for Kurdistan
  • Leading mental health strategy in Duhok as Chair of MHPSS Working Group
  • Training for NGOs and government for greater capacity and quality services

Children Affected by Violence

  • Strengthening child protections
  • Raising awareness on children affected by trauma and violence

  • Strengthening approaches to Reintegration and Recovery of Child Soldiers in Kurdistan

  • Advocacy for integrated and comprehensive approaches to care