Policy and Advocacy

SEED works with the most vulnerable people in the world. Our goal is to increase protections and services for survivors of violence in Kurdistan.

  • Hard hitting research and analysis
  • Practical tools and recommendations
  • Strengthening government protections and policies
  • Advocacy, awareness, and social change

Reintegration of the Survivors of ISIS

  • Supporting the Reintegration and Recovery of female survivors of ISIS

  • Advocacy for Children Born of the ISIS War

  • Reducing stigma for survivors

  • Analysis on the Reintegration and Recovery of Child Soldiers in Kurdistan

  • Promoting implementation of the Yezidi Survivors’ Law

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Combating Human Trafficking

  • Advocacy for a new anti-trafficking in persons law and implementation

  • Analysis and research on trafficking in Kurdistan

  • Strengthening government protections and justice reforms

  • Advocacy for survivors of trafficking and those at risk

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Gender-Based Violence

  • Working for gender equality and reducing violence against women and girls

  • Preventing sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse

  • Combating domestic violence

  • Strengthening protections and services for vulnerable groups and survivors of GBV

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Transitioning to a Sustainable Model of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services

  • Advocating for equitable and sustainable quality mental health care
  • Promoting MHPSS Standards of Care Model for Kurdistan
  • Leading mental health strategy in Duhok as Chair of MHPSS Working Group
  • Training for NGOs and government for greater capacity and quality services
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Children Affected by Violence

  • Strengthening child protections
  • Raising awareness on children affected by trauma and violence

  • Strengthening approaches to Reintegration and Recovery of Child Soldiers in Kurdistan

  • Advocacy for integrated and comprehensive approaches to care

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