The Security Implications of Human Trafficking

Source: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) /Authors: Jamille Bigio and Rachel Vogelste/ Date: October 2019 / This report was written as part of the CFR's Women and Foreign Policy Program. Human trafficking is a [...]

Interview on Human Trafficking

Watch an interview on SEED's new report Human Trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with president, Sherri Kraham Talabany on Babylon FM's Breakfast Club.

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Fleeing a Life of Captivity

Vikram* left India with the promise of a good job in Kurdistan so that he could support his family; he had worked abroad before and was eager to apply his skills as an engineer in [...]

Rebuilding my life in Kurdistan

Leena* is a twenty-year old woman from the south of Iraq. Sadly, she lost her mother at a young age and her father died in a bombing when she was a child. Having lost both parents [...]

Learning to live again

Avin* is a young Yezidi woman who was captured by ISIS alongside her sisters in August 2014. On the same day, ISIS murdered her father. Avin says, “I can still hear my father’s voice and the [...]

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