Slide Start Painting MHPSS Promoting Standards For Mental Health And Psychosocial Support Services In Kurdistan Download Slide Getting through COVID-19 Together
#CopingWithCOVID19 The COVID-19/Coronavirus global pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of those already at risk. Those already facing socio-economic challenges, the displaced, and those that suffer from abuse are even more desperate for support and services.

SEED is serving those in need, adapting our work, to keep our staff and our clients safe.
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Slide WE ARE HIRING Work for a prosperous Kurdistan with equal opportunity and protection of rights for all APPLY Slide Read SEED’s comprehensive assessment on human trafficking and what can be done to combat modern day slavery. Human Trafficking in Kurdistan English کوردی


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SEED Launches Group Therapy in Chamishko Camp

SEED continuously strives to strengthen its services to meet the needs of the communities it serves. One of the gaps that was identified was the need for a specialized group response to benefit from support [...]

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