Children Born of War. Iraq is not alone….

Children Born of War Iraq is not alone…. Conflict has a devastating effect on civilians, including increasing the vulnerability of women and girls to sexual violence. Iraq, like countries the world over, struggles with [...]

“I trusted him”

SEED is working to raise awareness of sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse to better protect girls and women by reducing their vulnerabilities, increasing their knowledge of how to protect themselves, or access to [...]

Interview on Refugee Influx, Winter Donation Drive

Check out SEED President Sherri Kraham Talabany describing  SEED’s response in the Kurdistan Region to the influx of over 15,000 refugees from Rojava. She also touched on SEED's next campaign: Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and [...]

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Parents learn value in psychoeducation

A mother brought her son Ary*, three years old, to SEED’s facilities in a local public health clinic in Erbil, seeking help for her son’s aggressive behavior and describing it as abnormal for his age; [...]

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