Children Affected by Violence 

Children in Iraq are highly vulnerable to abuse and violence.

Children are highly vulnerable to abuse and violence across Iraq both as a result of war and conflict, and in their homes, communities, and schools. Violence is pervasive in their daily lives and children often cannot access protection, medical and mental health services, that they require. SEED works to address trauma experienced by children, increase access to services and strengthen child protections in Kurdistan.

Over 80% of children in Iraq experience violence at home and in school. (UNICEF Iraq)

Supporting the Recovery and Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by conflict and thousands were exposed to extreme violence in captivity. However, they also possess great resilience and, when given the chance, the potential to heal.
Addressing the needs of children who have survived the ISIS conflict and returned to their communities in the KRI or other parts of Iraq is crucial; failure to provide required services places them at heightened risk of further harm towards themselves and others.

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