Helping Girls Achieve Their Potential!

SEED Girls is a program designed to empower girls (aged 12-17 years) in Kurdistan, as they navigate gender and social barriers, risks, and the challenges they face during adolescence.  SEED Girls fosters a sense of belonging and connection with peers to create a strong, supportive and empowered community.

What Topics Do We Cover?

  • Girls’ rights: to help girls know and understand their rights under the laws of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and how to assert their rights.

  • Health rights: to demystify menstrual hygiene and teach management techniques.

  • Gender-based violence: to educate girls about different types of violence, the consequences of violence, and how to access support services.

  • Safety: to guide girls on how to identify potential risks and key safety issues in their environment  and stay safe in everyday situations.

  • Leadership: to build decision making skills, establish short and long-term goals and set positive examples for their peers.

  • Online safety: to improve tech literacy and teach the safe use of social media and other communication platforms and applications.

Engaging Parents

The parents of SEED Girls are invited to online workshops to complement what their daughters are learning under the program. Parents’ knowledge is deepened on issues affecting their daughters and they are shown how to best support them and form healthy family relationships.  Topics reflect feedback and demand, helping to deepen the long term impact of the program. Examples of some of the topics covered, include:

  • Girls’ and womens’ rights

  • Leadership skills

  • Financial literacy and management

  • Mental health

  • Social and emotional skills

  • Life skills

Engaging the Community

We work with strong women influencers and other community members in Kurdistan to help strengthen the quality and broaden the delivery of the SEED Girls Program. Each influencer is successful in their field of work, setting a positive example for SEED Girls participants to follow, including in music, medicine, business and technology.

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Become a SEED Girl

Together with these inspiring women from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, we hope these videos will help young girls from across the region learn and grow their knowledge on the key issues of education, managing emotions, friendship, trust and, online safety, and be inspired to share it with others.

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