Thanks to support from Mercury One and the Nazarene Fund, in the month of December, we are helping transform women’s lives through our knitting program! Our first knitting sales resulted in 30 displaced women receiving an income to provide for their families.

The women who participated were thrilled and inspired to knit the next batch, and the knitting activity has gained dozens of new participants. This new program not only empowers women by giving them an income but the social activity brings women together, allowing them to build supportive relationships, which is so important to those who have experienced trauma and suffered horrible losses. For many women, local cultural norms make it extremely difficult for them to go outside and participate in community life.

SEED’s knitting program provides a generally socially acceptable activity and is often the only time some women can leave their tents, giving women much needed social contact, and allowing us to reach more women with our services.

To host a knitting event in Kurdistan send a note to