When learning is interactive, it gives the learners the opportunity to think about the information in a new way and practically apply it to their lives. At universities throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, we often see that classes are taught in a traditional way using lecture as the primary teaching mechanism, leaving little room for debate or critical thinking.

In September 2017, the Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services at Koya University held a two-day workshop with the Clinical Psychology Department staff of Koya University to assist faculty in making their courses more interactive to enhance learning among Clinical Psychology students. Dr. Azad Ali, the Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Koya University, emphasized  that participants were very happy with the training. “They decided to implement various techniques they have learned from the training in their classroom. They found using these techniques to be useful in engaging students.”

The workshop helped faculty to consider ways they can transform a traditional lecture into an interactive one. Throughout the two days, the participants became familiar with new techniques they can use with their students to make the material more practical, which ultimately will help these students to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.