Bahe is a survivor of ISIS captivity, who was able to escape and rejoin her family at Mamilyan Camp in Akre. She began participating in SEED’s baking classes in February of 2016. She came to classes regularly but didn’t speak much with the other participants. Observing that she wasn’t fully participating SEED’s psychotherapist, offered to talk. Bahe confided that she felt depressed and couldn’t sleep. Pointing to her chest, she said, “I always feel this pain.”

Bahe started to receive psychotherapy provided by SEED’s psychotherapist. Through these sessions, SEED learned that she used to be a tailor back in Sinjar. SEED found a donor to provide Bahe a sewing machine, and she resumed an activity she enjoys and from which she can make money to support herself and her family. Through therapy and the chance to start sewing again, Bahe has made incredible progress. She feels a new sense of optimism for the future, and is now an active participant in many of the SEED Center’s activities. Bahe now is a key member of our women’s knitting circle, where she with other women make beautiful pieces of clothing, that they can then sell to generate an income for themselves and their families. Bahe is also one of the most committed participants in the SEED Center’s women’s agricultural project, and she takes fresh vegetables home to her family every other day.

After her fifth session with our psychotherapist, Bahe said:, “My whole life has turned around. The money I make from sewing is supporting my family, and sometimes when poor people come to me, I sew clothes for them for free because I want to give back and help, too. Now that there is hope in my life, my chest doesn’t hurt as much.”