“For Every Woman”: SEED Foundation and Metrography Pay Tribute to the Women of Kurdistan

Celebrating Those Who Strive Everyday to Enrich and Build Strong Communities that Foster Equality and Growth

November 25th, 2022, Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Marking the annual occasion of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, SEED Foundation and Metrography, Iraq’s premiere photo agency, today opened a public photo exhibition titled, For Every Woman at the Erbil Citadel Cultural Center (and online).

Made possible with generous support from the United States Government, this exhibition captures the stories of eighteen women from across the Kurdistan Region who are striving everyday to enrich and build strong communities that foster equality and growth.

In a region marred by conflict, violence, and instability, people have demonstrated time and time again their resilience and perseverance. For women, barriers constructed by social stigma and engrained cultural norms that have dictated their mobility, limited their capacity to contribute and lead, and often turned down the volume on their critical needs, have also led to disproportionate and alarmingly high levels of gender-based violence (GBV) and femicide.

In the first six months of 2022, the number of reported “honor” killings surpassed the annual total for 2021. While this terrifying upsurge might also indicate an increase in public awareness and concern for GBV, the senseless killing of a reported 30 women is not only an assault on their human rights, but also a devastating loss for their families, and ultimately for Kurdistan’s society.

“For Every Woman” not only highlights the talents, skills, and progress that women have made despite ongoing challenges, but also the contribution of others – women, men, and children – to their success. This collection, curated by Kurdish and foreign photographers is the physical manifestation of what peaceful and supportive coexistence can achieve.

These stories of strong, courageous, and inspirational women in Kurdistan are only a few of many. “For Every Woman” is a window into the myriad contributions of some of Kurdistan’s inspirational women, as seen through the lens.

“Investing in women is critical to achieving a more equitable and prosperous future, one in which half of humanity is an equal partner in solving the problems of climate change, political conflict, economic growth, disease prevention, and global sustainability. Collective and consistent action is needed to stop GBV, including femicide,” Tanya Gilly Khailany, Co-founder Vice-President of SEED Foundation.

The exhibition will remain open throughout the duration of the 16 Days of Activism (25 November – 10 December) inside the Erbil Citadel Cultural Center, between 10am and 5pm. All members of the public are welcome.

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See it online here: www.seedkurdistan.org/ForEveryWoman

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SEED Foundation

SEED Foundation is a women-led, local non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), committed to protect, empower, and support the recovery and reintegration of survivors of violence and others at risk.

Founded in 2014, SEED brings together local and global expertise to help build a more equitable Kurdistan and address the most critical challenges faced in the region today.

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Metrography is the first photo agency in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. It was founded in 2010 by Kurdish-Iraqi photographer Kamaran Najm and American photojournalist Sebastian Meyer, with the objective of establishing an independent photojournalism industry in Iraq that breaks down ethnic, cultural, and religious barriers, fosters peer-to-peer collaboration and learning, and celebrates Iraq’s diversity and history. Over the years, Metrography has gained worldwide recognition. The work of its photographers has been exhibited internationally and published on some of the most renowned media outlets.

For more information, visit: mwwwetrography.org