Human Trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Overview of Human Trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq from SEED President Sherri Kraham Talabany

Human Trafficking is a growing challenge in Iraq, both as a source and destination country. The war with ISIS has also caused an increase in trafficking rates in Iraq and risks for the most vulnerable women, children, minorities, displaced people, and LGBTIQ+.

Our Program


SEED seeks to protect, empower, and support the recovery of trafficking survivors, and works to increase protection for survivors, and reduce the risk of trafficking in persons in Iraq to put an end to Human Trafficking in Kurdistan.


SEED partners with other NGOs and governments in the fight against human trafficking.
SEED advocated for the new Anti-Trafficking Law, criminalizing human trafficking in Kurdistan.
SEED collaborates with the KRG’s High Committee for Combating Human Trafficking and the new Directorate for Anti-Trafficking.


SEED provides comprehensive aftercare programs that include case management, mental health, and legal and protection services for victims of trafficking and those at risk.
SEED is partnering with the Kurdistan Regional government to create and manage a shelter for trafficking survivors.
SEED works with government actors to strengthen services, policies, and protections in the public justice system.


SEED empowers communities through public awareness and advocacy, and strengthening government protections.
SEED provides training to justice system and other professionals who play a role in prevention.
SEED works with those at risk to understand their rights.

The Problem – Human Trafficking in Kurdistan

Human Trafficking Routes in Kurdistan
“Approximately 45 million people are subject to some form of modern slavery in the world today with an estimated 403,800 modern day slaves in Iraq.” The Global Slavery Index 2018, view infographic

Elements of Human Trafficking

State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report 2018
"Trafficking victims in Iraq and the IKR continued to be vulnerable to arrest, imprisonment, and deportation for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being subjected to human trafficking, such as prostitution, immigration violations, and child soldiering."

Form of Human Trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

SEED, Human Trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
"Trafficking in persons is a form of modern day slavery wherein people are exploited for the profit of others."

Reports and Resources – Human trafficking in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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