H.E. Hans Akerboom
Dutch Consul General

Mr. Hans Akerboom is the Dutch Consul General in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. His diplomatic career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started in 2000. Previously he served as deputy Ambassador in Afghanistan and Singapore. Mr. Akerboom also served as spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Trade and Development Cooperation. Before, he held various positions both at the Ministry in The Hague and at embassies in Yemen, Ethiopia and Angola.
Even in 2020 there is worldwide, including the KRI, a great gap between the norms established for women and the bitter reality women face, especially in the rural areas. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect women and girls from sexual and gender based violence. Therefore, it is important that we emphasize this and raise awareness for gender equality, so citizens at large are aware of the fact that there is zero tolerance when it comes to sexual and gender based violence. At the same time we must empower girls and woman and visualize their equality and strength, because it is the art of equality.