Hussain Mustafa Safi

This artwork shows how women are powerful and despite all the norms, challenges, life, marriage, etc. they always appear as powerful, respectful, and happy in front of society. It also shows that there isn’t any difference between the daily challenges and experiences and duties of men and women. In this artwork, we can see that this woman’s locks of hair are describing the daily duties and difficulties; the houses manifest that women have house responsibilities and responsibilities for all house needs; the people in the orange color at the left shows how people look at women in a negative look and judging her; the snake at the bottom left shows how she is surrounded by toxic people; and a mental breakdown is shown by a crying eye that represents the breakdowns that happened in her life. Despite all these challenges and difficulties she always puts a smile on her face and does not show her weaknesses. It can even be seen through the colors of the painting where it shows delightful colors despite all the challenges and difficulties that surround her.