My artwork represents a young woman raising her fist while around her, some birds are flying. There are also a lot of stains that I made with watercolor. Gender equality has been fed into the creative process and the birth of my artwork through several details revealing the struggle of the women for their rights. Among them for instance, the birds in the distance are in dotted lines which shows that emancipation is not concrete yet. Another example is the red stains that evoke the murdered women: I have split them everywhere on the frame and I did it in a “brutal” chaotic way to denounce violence against women. Gender equality and struggle is further emphasized by the raised fist of my character.

My artwork portrays women and girls in a positive manner because I tried to represent a strong female lead with the help of determination which we can read in her burning eyes full of fire. She embodies a daring side and her face is dirty with stains: she rises despite criticism. That makes her even more powerful.

My artwork challenges the social norms and the stigma because it shows that females are determined to obtain their rights, to be respected as girls and women. As such, it helps discredit the violence and is intended to raise awareness about the violence affecting women around the world.