H.E Kwestan Mohamad Abdulla Maarouf
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Kwestan was born in 1965 in Sulaymaniyah, she is married with two sons. She has been active in Kurdish politics since the 1980s, at one point in 1990 going into hiding from Saddam’s regime until after the uprising.  After the uprising alongside her political work, Kwestan also worked as a teacher. Between 2005-2009 and 2009-2013 she was elected as a Member of the Kurdistan Parliament for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Gorran Movement respectively, and headed both lists for a while. In 2019, she became Minister of Social Affairs. 

Kwestan is a longstanding member of  the Kurdistan Women’s Union, joining in 1991. Today, she continues taking part in activities that advocate for women’s rights.