Lazha yadgar abdulla

My painting is about a girl who wants to reach for the sky and have freedom, without anyone trying to control her, and to be her own pilot throughout her journey, not following the route that was chosen for her by society. It represents the idea to overcome the fear of being controlled and helps them follow other girls and women who have chosen to be successful and free by being their own pilot in their own hot air balloon.

Nature and sky have always been a way of description for freedom and reality, they don’t always turn out the way we expected them, the shape of the clouds or the number of fruits the plants breed, but they change us and still convince us to accept them for the day and day by day. Therefore we learn that not everything has to be perfect and not everything can be recognized or acknowledged by everyone simply do and give the best u have. The more people acknowledge and understand that fact, the more it’s going to change the perspective of society.