Naska Omar Rafat

I believe that the beauty of pictures is in the message and image they leave in the minds of others. In this picture, I talk about two sides. I want to speak about the women who have become victims of the thoughts and ideologies of society, religion, and culture. I want to talk about the unheard stories that are behind every closed door. I want to talk about the pain most of these women are in and how they keep it hidden inside; most of them are in great pain. I want to talk about the women who are longing for freedom, who consider freedom a dream. I want to talk about the men who took the lives of women in the name of honor. I want to talk about the culture and religion that have placed punishments on women only.
The other side of the picture talks about a daring woman, who demands equality. She doesn’t want her rights and her voice to be silenced in the name of culture and religion. She is strong, she has a dream. She tries despite knowing the extent to which culture and society can stand in her way, but she thinks keeping quiet and killing her dreams will only make it easier for culture and society to abolish women’s rights. Women must not keep quiet about the injustice that they are subjected to. To be able to make a change, women need to be viewed as human beings, not as a gender.