Shatoo Kamaran Ahmed

I started this painting in February, 2020. This artwork holds a very special place in my heart, it’s an image of a woman (my portrait) balancing 12 cups on her head, this painting represents balance. It represents the balance women keep between being a mother and raising the society, being a hard worker outside, going through all those pressures, social norms, violence, and still keeping the balance of life and standing on her feet despite all the obstacles and responsibilities.

It represents that women walk straight with 12 cups on their head (all the struggles I mentioned above) and still manages to walk straight with a smile, above all that she still shows a beautiful and colorful picture of her life (colorful and beautiful cups) to the society. The delicate and soft color palette of this painting shows the softness and calm persona that women tend to keep despite all the trouble, overall it represents how women are the base of society just as much as men are!