SEED officially launched its first knitting sales in a holiday bazaar sponsored by Mercury One and Rotana Hotel, giving the women in our program their first income.  We were lucky to have Babylon FM’s Noor and Angel B live auction some of the survivor-made goods!

Each gift contained a card describing the program and the name of the woman that made the knitwear. The proceeds of the purchases go directly to the displaced women, so they can earn an income and start to rebuild their lives.

SEED’s livelihoods program equips women and men displaced by conflict and survivors of violence with skills they need to build a sustainable income to provide for their family. Having an income is not only empowering, but when women can meet some of their immediate needs, it provides a greater opportunity for healing and recovery.  Knitting and crocheting are highly therapeutic activities, which also offers women an escape from isolation and provides them with a productive activity to focus on, deepening the impact of the mental health services that SEED provides.

A special thank you to the Emirati Red Crescent for making sure all items at the event were purchased.

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