Today, SEED sent a team to Sharya Camp in Dohuk to provide support to two women and their children who escaped ISIS recently, after a year and a half in captivity.  These women returned without their husbands and some of their children, who are still in captivity or were killed.  Not knowing whether their loved ones are alive and are suffering, adds to their pain.  We helped them to apply for emergency cash assistance, delivered blankets, clothing and toys (thanks to donations from KRF-USA). We delivered them a few months of dry goods, and fresh fruit and vegetables. This assistance is so important, but these families are also in dire need of the long-term psycho-social support that we provide at the SEED Center in Akre, hours away. Although these families aren’t located in the community we are serving, we were glad to provide them this support.  Help support SEED’s work with survivors.