HERStory Exhibit: Shame Dies When Stories are Told


SEED Foundation proudly co-sponsored the launch of an exhibiton to bring focus to femicide and gender-based violence against women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on February 10. The event “HERStory: RESPECT and Remember '' was an interactive and immersive experience remembering victims of GBV in 2019 and recognizing those providing support to survivors [...]

HERStory Exhibit: Shame Dies When Stories are Told2020-11-20T20:28:52+00:00

#Gratitude in Action


Having just returned from a transformative, inspirational week in Armenia at the Aurora Dialogues, I want to share my gratitude and experience. As descendants of survivors of the Armenian genocide, the amazing three founders of the AuroraPrize turned their grief of their ancestors’ painful tragedy (millions of people killed and displaced around the world) and their [...]

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Responding to the Mosul Crisis


For over a year, the SEED Center in Mamilyan Camp, Akre, has provided services to displaced Iraqis, largely from the Yezidi and Shabak minority communities, who suffered horrific abuses at the hands of ISIS. Although some of their villages have now been freed, in most cases it is unsafe to return to them due to [...]

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