SEED teaches skills to displaced women so that they can generate an income and start to rebuild their lives. SEED’s livelihood program equips women displaced by conflict and survivors of violence with skills they need to build a sustainable income to provide for their family and help the healing process. Having an income is not only empowering, but when women can meet some of their immediate needs, it provides a greater opportunity for healing and recovery. SEED staff are teaching basic knitting and crocheting skills, which are traditional social activities in Iraq and Kurdistan. Knitting and crocheting are also highly therapeutic activities, which offer women an escape from isolation and provide them with a productive activity to focus on, deepening the impact of the trauma services that SEED provides. Livelihoods give women a way to help themselves, strengthening their self-reliance, and offers a safe way of generating an income wherever they are.  

How to Purchase Survivor Made Goods

SEED is currently selling these artisan products at private events in Erbil.  Every purchase of a survivor-made good provides an income to its maker. To organize an event, please contact us at