SEED Center in Mamilyan Camp Serves the Most Vulnerable

The historic city of Akre hosts over 70,000 internally displaced people from Iraq. Almost 13,000 of the men, women and children who fled Sinjar and Mosul have sought shelter in Mamilyan Camp, where they are bravely trying to rebuild their lives. Many of the camp residents were forced to witness the murder of their family members, and thousands of others had family members kidnapped by the terrorist group. Some camp residents were even captured themselves, subjected to rape and other forms of torture before managing to escape. Horrific trauma is sadly the norm, and there is a critical need for psycho-social support services to aid survivors.

SEED is there for survivors every step of the way

SEED helps the displaced population, with a specific focus on the Yezidi community, which has been subject to murder, abduction, torture, rape, and sexual slavery, to recover from violence and trauma. Our programs provide support to individuals and families to help them heal and rebuild their lives.

SEED Center is a large multi-room facility based in Mamilyan camp, with a large outdoor recreational and agricultural planting space. A few minutes away is our men’s woodworking space. Several hundred residents use SEED’s facilities daily, taking classes in our training room, kitchen or computer lab, participating in fun activities in our warm living room or outdoor space, or receiving therapy by one of our four highly trained and supervised local psychologists. Children participate in facilitated play that includes circle time, story telling, playful songs and games, arts and crafts, and other activities that engage them in healthy, safe and fun activities that further their development.

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“We will help these women to be productive, contributing members within their families, and with them, start to rebuild these communities.”
President and Co-Founder Sherri Kraham Talabany, SEED