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April 3, 2024

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Assignment Overview

SEED foundation receives grants from various donors for the implementation of the humanitarian work in KRG. Part of this operation requires creating and filming animated, informational, documentary, and dramatized videos.

In order to increase awareness of the SEED’s programmatic successes amongst key stakeholders including the local community, government, donors, and other NGOs operating in the KRI, SEED wishes to develop regular video content, including a variety of products adapted for social media, TV, and screening at events, and of varying levels of detail/complexity and lengths i.e. 30-60 seconds for social media, 3-4 minutes for TV, and 20-30 minutes for events..

Some examples of topics to be covered include: human trafficking, gender-based violence, mental health and well-being, child protection, and recovery and reintegration of survivors of the ISIS conflict.

The consultant/company will develop and produce a series of filmed videos in in multiple language orientations, for example: Kurdish (Sorani), Kurdish (Bahdini) and/or Arabic with English subtitles; that highlight program successes, SEED’s growth and development over it’s 10 years of existence, the experiences of clients, partners, and staff, and the changes we have witness in society as a consequence.

SEED will work closely with the company/consultant to map out the narrative, expected shots, and arrange access as required. All filming and consent must be previously approved by SEED before taking place.

Expected Output:

  • File format/s: Mp4; image format: 1080p – adaptable to TV, computer and mobile devices
  • Animation (cartoon), filmed informational or documentary videos and/or dramatization
  • Multilingual voiceover/spoken and subtitles
  • Music rights must be cleared before delivery of final product
  • Tone/Style: simple, captivating, contextually appropriate

Examples of information video style:


Examples of dramatization video style:



Deliverable Notes
Consultation & Ideation Meeting SEED will brief the selected bidder on the program and the key topics to be covered by required films
Storyboards films

The selected bidder will be required to storyboard the films, delivering a draft, followed by one round of feedback and a revised and final version.

Please Note: The storyboard should be prepared in English and once finalized, translated to required languages.


The selected bidder will be required to deliver films in required voiceover and/or subtitles, delivering a draft followed by one round of feedback and a revised and final version.

All files will be submitted both as final and editable

i.e. including the design files.

5.Timeframe/ Schedule

Deliverables Duration Deadline Notes
Initial consultation and Ideation 1–2-hour meeting Within first week after request received To be taken online or at SEED HQ in Erbil
Draft Storyboards

1 week

Delivered one week after consultation Delivered in English via email with possible follow-up meeting for clarifications
Final Storyboards

1 week

Delivered one week after revisions shared by SEED Delivered in English via email with possible follow-up meeting for clarifications
Draft Videos 2 week Delivered two weeks after final storyboard Delivered required languages with subtitles via email with possible follow- up meeting for clarifications
Final Videos 1 week Delivered one week after revisions shared by SEED Delivered in required language with subtitles via email

6.The selected bidder will work closely with

Communications Manager; guidance on other reporting lines during the assignment shall be communicated, and for own security and safety, the selected bidder will be required at all times to abide by the SEED’s applicable rules and regulations, Code of Conduct, PSEA and CSG policy, and other policies as applicable.

7.Submission of offer

Bids must be submitted through email to The subject of the email should be (SEED-PL-24-001- Animated Video Production Services).

All bidders must submit all documents listed in Annex A: Table (1). In addition, all bidders must fill out Annex A: Table (2) and (3). All video samples should be submitted in a Zip format or shared through a link in the same email along with the documents.

8.Instructions to Bidders

In submitting a tender, the bidder accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing a contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure, whatever their own conditions of sale may be.

All bids submitted by the interested candidate must be valid for 12 months. Moreover, all documents must be submitted in English language.

The bidder will be excluded from the pool of candidates in the following cases:

  • If two or more bids are submitted for the same tender
  • Late submission of offer according to section four of this tender
  • If documents are not stamped and signed
  • If Annex A: Table (2) and (3) are not filled out
  • If a bidder did not submit any of the mandatory documents according to Annex (A)

Note: SEED is not responsible for the failure of the Internet, network, server, or any other hardware or software used by the bidder.


All products will be delivered electronically through electronic mail.

10.Tender Timeline

Activity DATE TIME (City)
Date of issuing the tender by SEED Foundation March 18, 2024 04:00 PM- Erbil

Closing date for clarifications/questions through

March 28, 2024 04:00 PM Erbil
Response for any clarifications through email April 1, 2024 04:00 PM Erbil
Deadline for submission of tenders April 3, 2024 04:00 PM Erbil

11.Tender Process

The following processes will be applied to this Tender:

  • All accepted offers will be reviewed by SEED’s Procurement team to assure that they match the requirements of SEED’s to enter the pool of the candidates.
  • An evaluation committee will be initiated internally at SEED to evaluate all of the accepted offers according to section eight.
  • Only selected consultancies firms or individual consultants/freelancers will be contacted.
  • Contract will be awarded accordingly to the selected consultancy firm/individual consultant or freelancer.

12.Payment Terms:

  • Payment will be made after receiving, inspecting, and accepting quantities ordered.
  • Payments will be made through bank transfer, check or cash according to SEED policy.
  • Payment will be made within (30) days after submitting the invoice.

13.Technical Evaluation / Selection criteria

# Criteria Scoring

Delivery time in days:

Can you adhere to the stipulated delivery timeline


Sample check of three videos

  • Style
  • Subtitling
  • Clarity/Flow
3 Financial offer 50%

Note: Cost including all meetings to brief, review, and discuss the project and its outputs.

Notification award and contract signature

The successful bidder will be informed in writing by email that their tender was selected.

Within seven working days after receiving the email, the successful bidder signs, dates, and sends back the contract.

If the successful bidder fails to sign and send back the contract within seven working days, SEED will exclude the selected firm/individual and will contract the second candidate according to the evaluation outcomes of section eight.

14.Split Awards

SEED is not bound to contract with one offeror and can split the award between one or more companies.

15.General Conditions of Tendering:

a- Specification

If the bidder wishes to propose modifications to the specification (which may provide a better way to achieve SEED´s objectives), these will be considered as an alternative offer. The bidder must make alternative offers in a separate letter to accompany the tender.

b- Confidentiality

Bidders must treat the invitation to tender and all associated documentation supplied by SEED in a confidential way.

c- Right to reject all tenders, SEED has the right to reject all bids.

d- SEED is not responsible for any Tax Clearance and the Delivery Terms.

e- All costs incurred by the bidder in preparing and submitting the tender are not reimbursable.

Annex A

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