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July 20, 2024

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SEED Foundation is a locally registered NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. SEED’s mission is to protect, empower, and support the recovery of survivors of violence and others at risk. SEED is committed to delivering quality and holistic approaches, combining international expertise and local know-how to achieve results for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan. SEED’s programming focuses on three key objectives: 1) the delivery of transformational, comprehensive services including case management, mental health, and legal services, as well as psychosocial support activities; 2) strengthening the capacity of service providers through education, training, and capacity-development programs; and 3) ​promoting policy and social change to strengthen rights and protections for vulnerable populations through public awareness, technical assistance, and advocacy.

SEED carries a broad program portfolio focused on Technology-Facilitated Violence focused on services to survivors and those at risk; policy and advocacy focused on legislative, policy, and institutional strengthening; prevention and awareness; and training and capacity building.

Duration of Cover:

The successful company will enter into a contract with SEED for a period of one (1) year. This contract will be renewed based on performance and availability of funding.


SEED is committed to maintaining the safety and security of its staff. To achieve this, SEED requires medical and Group Personal Accident Insurance to ensure staff rights and access to medical treatment. In the Kurdistan Region, like other parts of the world, there is a risk of infectious diseases, infections, and traffic accidents. SEED staff frequently travel to camps, work under extreme temperatures, and interact with Refugees and IDPs, increasing the risk of diseases and accidents.

Since 2017, SEED has been contracting insurance companies, consistently seeking the best services and prices.

General information:

1-Submission of Proposal

  • Language and Currency: Proposals could be submitted in English, Arabic, and Kurdish, with prices stated in USD.
  • Terms and Validity of the agreement: The Agreement resulting from this RFP will commence upon the signing of the Agreement by both parties and shall be valid for 1 (one) year with an option to extend for an additional year.
  • Cancellation: SEED reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to accept the bid deemed to be in the best interest of SEED, and is not bound to accept the lowest price bid submitted. SEED reserves the right to cancel this RFP at any time prior to award, without penalty.
  • Conflict of Interest: By submitting a response to this RFP, Bidder warrants that, to the best of its knowledge, no SEED employee, consultant, or other party related to SEED has a financial interest in Bidder’s business activities. Discovery of an undisclosed Conflict of Interest situation will result in immediate disqualification of the bidder and disqualification of the bidder from participation in future SEED RFP processes.
  • Bid Validity: Price quotations submitted in response to this RFP must be valid for at least 30 days. Prices shall be fixed for the duration of the Agreement and may be revised after six months if wholesale pricing on individual items changes by more than 7.5% or another mutually agreed percentage with the successful bidder .

2- Instructions to Bidders: In submitting a tender, the bidder accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing a contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure, whatever their own conditions of sale may be.

All bids submitted by the interested candidate must be valid for 12 months. Moreover, all documents must be submitted in the English language.

The bidder will be excluded from the consideration in the following cases:

  • – If two or more bids are submitted for the same tender.
  • – Late submission of offer according to section four of this tender.
  • – If documents are not stamped and signed.
  • – If Annex A: Tables (2), (3), and (4) are not filled out.
  • – If a bidder did not submit any of the mandatory documents according to Table (3).

Note: SEED is not responsible for the failure of the Internet, network, server, or any other hardware or software used by the bidder.

3- Delivery of Service: Overall KRI

4- Timeline

Activity DATE TIME (City)
Date of issuing the tender by SEED Foundation    
Closing date for clarifications/questions through   40
Response for any clarifications through email   5

5- Methods of Evaluation: Each bidder shall submit a technical proposal addressing the services required and clearly demonstrating how they will meet SEED’s needs; the proposals will be evaluated by a committee of at least 3 representatives from SEED personnel. Evaluations will be based on the criteria outlined herein which may be weighted by SEED in a manner it deems appropriate. All proposals will be evaluated using the same criteria. The criteria used will be:

  • Responsiveness to the RFP. SEED Foundation will consider all the material submitted to determine whether the provider’s proposal is in compliance with the RFP document. The proposal shall demonstrate a method of approach that fully meets all terms and conditions of the RFP and the scope of services.
  • Ability to perform required services. SEED Foundation will consider all the relevant material submitted by each firm, and other relevant material it may otherwise obtain, to determine whether the respondent is capable of providing services of the type and scope specific to the RFP.
  • Related experience. SEED Foundation will consider the firm’s experience in providing services to Not-for-Profit organizations and large entities. The firm’s references will play a major role in this criterion.
  • Fees. SEED Foundation will consider the price structure for the services and the rates or charges for additional services, if applicable. All companies who send an email will get a list of employees/ages, to provide us with a price quote
  • Service enhancements. Ability to design an insurance package that will meet or exceed the project requirements.
  • References & due diligence.
  • The process of past performance checks will be conducted

  • Will check the reference of previous experience

G-Other factors:

Any other considerations in SEED’s best interest.

6- Payment Terms:

  • – Payment will be made after receiving, inspecting, and accepting quantities ordered.
  • – Payments will be made through bank transfer, check, or cash according to SEED policy.
  • – Payment will be made within (30) days after submitting the invoice.

Terms of Reference for the Insurance Company:

  • Provide full services regarding open enrollment, new employee orientation, and support services.
  • Respond to all employee requests and queries in a timely manner regarding their benefits.
  • Provide a client call center/help desk to assist employees with resolving any plan participants’ health insurance-related issues.
  • Provide Inpatient and outpatient coverage.
  • Provide maternity cover with no waiting period.
  • Providing War and terrorism coverage.
  • Providing group personal accident insurance.
  • Covering 100% of permanent disability caused by accident.
  • Covering 100% of temporary disability caused by accident.
  • Providing dental and vision.
  • Provide 100% reimbursement for claims in areas with non-network availability.
  • Provide an efficient claims settlement process.
  • Provide immediate deletion of employees from the policy.
  • Provide immediate eligibility for new employee enrollment as of the date of employment.
  • Network hospitals: Employees to have access to a sufficient number of hospitals and physicians in the major cities of the KRI including but not limited to Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Dohuk, having a network in other countries in the region will be an added value.

7- Contact:

To ensure fair consideration for all bidders, SEED prohibits communication to, or with, any SEED employee during the RFP process, with the exception of those questions related to the interpretation of specifications or the proposal process. Any non-related communications initiated by a bidder may be grounds for disqualifying the offending bidder from further participation in this, or future, SEED RFP processes. Direct Inquiries to

You can download all required documents to be filled out in Annex below button:

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