Parents learn value in psychoeducation


A mother brought her son Ary*, three years old, to SEED’s facilities in a local public health clinic in Erbil, seeking help for her son’s aggressive behavior and describing it as abnormal for his age; he was needy, aggressive, always crying, and hurting others around him with knives. Ary had a lack of focus and [...]

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Psychoeducation for Spouse Was Key in Helping Yezidi Activist


As a Yezidi community activist, Faisal* was constantly exposed to stories including the genocide, rape, killing, and torture of his people comitted by ISIS leaving Faisal experiencing symptoms of emotional trauma. However, with psychological support facilitated by SEED for him and his family, he has improved his mental health significantly and enabled him to return [...]

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Abused Sulaimani Woman Improves with Psychosocial Care


Women and girls, in particular, in Kurdistan and Iraq often face forms of abuse in the home, including but not limited to physical and emotional harm. Lacking sufficient local psychosocial systems, survivors have few options. In one recent example, SEED’s partner organization in Sulaimani, Wchan, provided mental health services in order to help Helin* improve [...]

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Fleeing a Life of Captivity


Vikram* left India with the promise of a good job in Kurdistan so that he could support his family; he had worked abroad before and was eager to apply his skills as an engineer in this new context. He worked six days per week for 12 hours a day - it was hard work, but [...]

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Rebuilding my life in Kurdistan


Leena* is a 20-year-old woman from the south of Iraq. Sadly, she lost her mother at a young age and her father died in a bombing when she was a child. Having lost both parents at such an early age, she was forced to live with her relatives. The next nine years of her life, [...]

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Learning to live again


Avin* is a young Yezidi woman who was captured by ISIS alongside her sisters in August 2014. On the same day, ISIS murdered her father. Avin says, “I can still hear my father’s voice and the sound of bullets.” During her capture, she was sold from ISIS terrorist to terrorist over 10 times and was moved [...]

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Learning to speak their mother tongue again


Dlovan* and Zerdesht* are two young brothers. In 2014, ISIS killed their father and they were captured along with their mother, Zaynab*. The brothers were tortured, abused, exposed to violence against others and held by ISIS in two ISIS training camps, one in Syria and one in Iraq. Thankfully, Zaynab, Dlovan and Zerdesht were able to [...]

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We are all human, and should all respect each other


Akil is a 45-year old volunteer teacher working and living in Mamilyan Camp in Akre. He was forced to flee Bartella, near Mosul in August 2014 with his wife and four children. Akil teaches English at the camp school and volunteers at the SEED Center. He loves the enthusiasm of his students. They give him [...]

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Providing for My Family


Mansa is a woman from Sinjar who fled her home when ISIS attacked in August 2014. She and her family ran away but in the chaos that followed, she and two of her children became separated from her husband and their six other children on Mount Sinjar. Thankfully she and her family survived the desperate [...]

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Giving My Life Meaning


Haifa, a young woman from Mosul, was a university student when ISIS took over Mosul in summer 2014. Fearing for their lives, Haifa and her family fled, leaving everything behind. They suffered a difficult journey to safety in Kurdistan, before finding themselves on the street in Akre, a town in Duhok. They spent four months [...]

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