Gender-Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) takes many forms; it is a problem across all sections of society in the KRI, although the legal situation of women in the KRI is slightly better than in the rest of Iraq. SEED is working to raise awareness of current laws and protections for survivors and those at risk of GBV, including sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.


  • Raise awareness of current GBV-relevant laws already existing
  • Work with the KRG to increase the capacity of government agencies to respond to incidences of GBV properly
  • Assist in improving the mediation practice under the Family Law in the KRI
  • Cooperate with DCVAW to develop workshops for schools on sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment


  • SEED will carry out an awareness campaign on sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (link to videos)
  • SEED will develop local government capacity on issues relating to GBV

Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment

Sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment are growing problems in Kurdistan and affect many young women and girls. Social media has increased their vulnerability to being “sexploited” — blackmailed for sex or money — and harassed due to manipulation of photographs or by the sharing of their intimate/compromising photos, with women and girls at risk of losing their families, their safety, and their lives. Anonymous sexual harassment through social media and mobile phones is a growing problem — in addition to harassment in the workplace, schools, taxis and on the street. Within abusive relationships, social media has also become a tool of control and monitoring.