Jiyan My artwork represents a young woman raising her fist while around her, some birds are flying. There are also a lot of stains that I made with watercolor. Gender equality has been fed into the creative process and the birth of my artwork through several details revealing the struggle of the women for their [...]

Ismail Farhad Karem


Ismail Farhad Karem The digital art I made, The Orange Circles, is expressing the power of women in my society and how they can leave a big impact on society (by the orange circles). They can easily make the rope which was used to make them afraid and threaten them into something beautiful, like any [...]

Hussain Mustafa Safi


Hussain Mustafa Safi This artwork shows how women are powerful and despite all the norms, challenges, life, marriage, etc. they always appear as powerful, respectful, and happy in front of society. It also shows that there isn't any difference between the daily challenges and experiences and duties of men and women. In this artwork, we [...]

Hosna Mahmud


Hosna Mahmud I used light blue as a symbol of the purity and beauty of women. I have used brown as the color of the ground, and the black line is made up of blue and black. The flowers are made of natural dried flowers. The message of my painting is: if families and parents [...]

Dunya Muhammad Salih


Dunya Muhammad Salih The artwork, 70 Empowering Women, is research-based and it is about appreciating the women that have changed history and that still works to have a positive effect on the world. They have all struggled to gain their power and to have a voice. But, they never gave up. I see every female [...]

Avin Nyaz Salahaddin


Avin Nyaz Salahaddin My idea was this: women are like trees, they change every season, growing stronger and more powerful than before. Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. Positive and inspirational pictures or paintings of women empowerment and women supporting each other helps them, makes [...]

Alla Khadang Mohammed


Alla Khadang Mohammed I wanted to show how powerful women can be if they decides to raise their voice against injustice, sexual assault (waves that look like male hands), and educate themselves (the pencil).

Ala Abduljabar Mohammad


Ala Abduljabar Mohammad The painting, Survivors, shows four faces of a woman at once. The women’s main face along with three others that represent three different personalities, or three different emotions that women have. The women keep these faces hidden inside most of the time, but the faces come out when women can’t hide their [...]

Noralhuda Abduljalil Abduljabbar


Noralhuda Abduljalil Abduljabbar The title of the painting, Hope in Hands, and the materials used are acrylic and oil paints on a 50x70 canvas. This painting represents a woman, specifically a Kurdish woman, with huge capabilities of making her little world - which is made limited by external forces - a better place on her [...]

Jahida J Mustafa


Jahida J Mustafa The painting, Freedom and Equality, is the image of both genders uniting to achieve equality of genders, without any discrimination, and to fight the forms of violence against women. The painting was painted using oil colors. 

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