Zinah Jamal


Zinah Jamal This painting, Let Equality Bloom, represents gender equality in the world of work. How women can be anything from a painter, entrepreneur, lawyer, boxer, a police officer, as these jobs, along with many other jobs, underrepresent women. There are still many people who believe it is unacceptable for a woman to have a [...]



Zina No matter how much violence and inequality women are subjected to, there is always a little girl in their souls; she is happy, free, and full of hope. A girl who says it’s time to talk.

Soniya Ahmed


Soniya Ahmed The purpose of this painting, Us and We, is to identify and challenge social stigma and to promote gender equality in a Kurdish community. At first, there is a self-portrait in the middle of the painting, sitting in a very awkward position trying to take as little space as possible in a land [...]

Shatoo Kamaran Ahmed


Shatoo Kamaran Ahmed I started this painting in February, 2020. This artwork holds a very special place in my heart, it's an image of a woman (my portrait) balancing 12 cups on her head, this painting represents balance. It represents the balance women keep between being a mother and raising the society, being a hard [...]

Naska Omar Rafat


Naska Omar Rafat I believe that the beauty of pictures is in the message and image they leave in the minds of others. In this picture, I talk about two sides. I want to speak about the women who have become victims of the thoughts and ideologies of society, religion, and culture. I want to [...]

Mariam Armitnaya


Mariam Armitnaya My work (collage) captures Inanna, the ancient Sumerian goddess of fertility, love, and procreation. She is known as Ishtar in the Akkadian and Assyrian civilizations. Inanna is present in the middle of the picture surrounded by various women. In a way, all these women are connected timelessly. Power is hidden in their smiles, [...]

Mariam Adamat


Mariam Adamat I made this artwork recently to symbolize the power of women and how they are the backbone of our country. This piece shows a woman holding the citadel on top of her head instead of a fruit basket, to symbolize that women are life and give life to us, and nurture us. It [...]

Lazha yadgar abdulla


Lazha yadgar abdulla My painting is about a girl who wants to reach for the sky and have freedom, without anyone trying to control her, and to be her own pilot throughout her journey, not following the route that was chosen for her by society. It represents the idea to overcome the fear of being [...]

Lana Fares Jaff


Lana Fares Jaff I create art to address the problems and challenges women encounter from birth to growing up, to marriage. I’m creating artwork to show the suffering women endure and obstacles that are often placed in front of them by society. I focus more on the problems of women in Kurdistan and the difficulties [...]

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